Counting Down – 49 Days to the Start of the Last Desert Race in Antarctica

Blood tests, video recording, Greenpeace Africa, fundraising…

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Following yesterday’s excitement and “reality check” of reaching 50 days to the start of the Last Desert Race in Antarctica, today was again back to business with various preparations for the race.

Overall conditioning, in addition to just fitness, is one of my major priorities in preparing for the race. My running performance in the unique conditions of Antarctica will ultimately be influenced by more than just the physical training before the race.

I had various blood tests done this morning to check the general state of my health, including iron levels, electrolytes, etc. The results will hopefully highlight any specific health issues which need attention, and inform my nutritional requirements before and during the race.


I will undergo more detailed medical tests closer to race as per the requirements of the race organisers.

After the visit to the doctor, my next stop was Greenpeace Africa for a video recording which will be used in support of my fundraising campaign. We will intensify our efforts over the next few weeks in support of raising R250 000 for a solar energy project, and the video recording will be a very handy tool in reaching a wider local and international audience.


My last “Antarctica” activity of the day was a 10km run. Today’s mid-day temperature in Johannesburg was close to 30°C, compared to −53 °C in Antarctica. Definitely not ideal training conditions, but there is not much that one can do about training for Antarctica in sunny South Africa!

Tomorrow it is back to the trails for a longer run.

I’m excited about the race in Antarctica and the challenge of raising R250 000 for Greenpeace Africa, and encourage you to support my efforts and the work of Greenpeace Africa!

Please make a donation and encourage others to do the same.

“Together we can make a difference!”

Follow updates about my preparations for The Last Desert Race, and work with Greenpeace Africa, on Facebook and Twitter, my daily blog, and via Greenpeace Africa’s  various online platforms.

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