Counting Down – 23 Days to the Start of the Last Desert Race in Antarctica

Greenpeace Campaign Ends Deal Between LEGO and Shell

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Greenpeace International has much to celebrate today after LEGO announced it will not renew its contract with Shell. LEGO has built play sets branded with the Shell logo since the1960s, including Shell filling stations, tanker trucks and Shell-sponsored race cars, which have been sold at Shell gas stations and retailers in various locations worldwide.

However, Greenpeace started a global campaign in July 2014 aimed at ending the deal between LEGO and Shell given the latter’s intention to drill for oil in the Arctic. Protecting the Arctic from oil exploration continues to be one of Greenpeace’s most important objectives.

As part of the campaign Greenpeace circulated an online petition, which was supported by more than one million people. In addition, Greenpeace released an online video, “LEGO: Everything is NOT Awesome”, a spoof on the title song of the popular LEGO movie. The video has attracted more than 6 million views since it was posted on YouTube on 8 July 2014, and depicts an Arctic wonderland with LEGO toy polar bears, wolves, etc. being covered with spilled oil from a Shell well. It asked viewers to sign the petition urging LEGO to sever its ties with Shell.

Following the Greenpeace campaign, LEGO announced that it will not renew the most recent co-promotional deal with Shell that the two companies signed in 2011.

Shell recently announced its plans to drill in the Alaskan Arctic in 2015, so the fight to stop Shell and other oil companies from drilling for oil in the Arctic is far from over.

But the LEGO campaign demonstrated the incredible strength and power of a global movement of people concerned about the future of the Arctic, and following the recent Climate March in New York and cities around the world, this movement is gaining momentum as people demand action to end the climate crisis caused by irresponsible government and corporate behavior.

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The countdown to Antarctica continues…


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