Counting Down – 19 Days to the Start of the Last Desert Race in Antarctica

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Monday, 13 October 2014

I have been working with Greenpeace Africa since early this year in developing and implementing a fundraising and awareness-raising campaign in support of its work linked to my participation in the Last Desert Race in November 2014 in Antarctica.

My association with Greenpeace Africa has heightened my awareness of key social and environmental challenges facing Africa, and I have developed a deep appreciation for the work done by Greenpeace worldwide.

Greenpeace is a global environmental organisation, consisting of Greenpeace International, based in Amsterdam, and 28 national and regional offices around the world, providing a presence in over 40 countries. These national and regional offices are independent in carrying out global campaign strategies within the local context where they operate.

Greenpeace has been working in Africa since the early 1990s, and the Greenpeace Africa office in Johannesburg was established in 2008.

Greenpeace Africa campaigns for an Africa where people live in harmony with nature, in a peaceful state of environmental and social justice. Its mission is to nurture environmental awareness so that together we create a prosperous future to the benefit of humans, biodiversity, and the planet.

Greenpeace Africa works on different campaigns focusing on climate change (South Africa), halting the destruction of tropical forests (Democratic Republic of Congo), and preventing over-fishing and the degradation of marine eco-systems (Senegal). Ultimately, these issues affect the entire continent, and we all have a responsibility to support the work of Greenpeace Africa and many other organisations dedicated to the protection of the environment for future generations.


There are a number of ways to support Greenpeace Africa on an ongoing basis – you don’t have to run 250km through Antarctica to make a contribution! Some examples in this regard include:

# Become a Greenpeace Africa member

Refer to for more information.

# Join a Greenpeace Africa Volunteer Group in Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban

Refer to for more information.

# Become a Greenpeace Africa Digital Ninja

Refer to for more information.

Don’t wait, contact Greenpeace Africa today to learn more about its work and how you can join this important movement for change.

The countdown to Antarctica continues…


I’m excited about the race in Antarctica and the challenge of raising R250 000 for a Greenpeace Africa solar energy project, and encourage you to support my efforts and the work of Greenpeace Africa!

Please make a donation and encourage others to do the same.

“Together we can make a difference!”

Follow updates about my preparations for The Last Desert Race, and work with Greenpeace Africa, on Facebook and Twitter, my daily blog, and via Greenpeace Africa’s  various online platforms.

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