Greetings from the Plancius

(first published on the Last Desert website on 2 November 2014)

Hallo everyone

We are in the middle of the Drake Passage, almost a third of the way to Antarctica. The sea is rough with huge swells. Walking, eating, sleeping, etc. are a challenge. Fortunately, my sea sickness pills are working and so far I’m ok. We are supposed to experience the roughest conditions this evening as we get to the middle of the Drake Passage.

It almost feels unreal to be on the ship and on our way to Antarctica after months of training and preparations. We left Usuaia at about 17h00 on Saturday afternoon and the first few hours on the ship included briefings about the facilities on board, safety procedures, programme for the next few days, etc.

Many people on board – 69 runners, 10+ event organisers and volunteers, 40+ crew members and a Chinese tourist group of 40+ people.

I’m sharing a cabin with Ryan Hill – we have two single beds, table, cupboard and bathroom in our cabin – living in luxury! We saw a few dolphins from our cabin this morning – room with a view!

Overall, there is much excitement amongst all the competitors about the race. Although everything is weather dependent, the race is scheduled to start on Tuesday, 4 November 2014, with a 100km stage on King Georges Island. Should know more by Monday afternoon about the specific venue and distance.

Please keep the messages coming and remember to support my fundraising campaign for Greenpeace Africa.

Best wishes


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