Last Desert Race, Day Four – A No Running Day

(first published on the Last Desert website on 8 November 2014)

Greetings from the Plancius

It is Friday evening (21h00) on the Plancius.

Today (Stage 4) was supposed to go on for at least 12 hours, but we did not even make it off the ship. Very strong winds and high swells made it impossible to get us to and from the ship safely, and the stage was cancelled as a result. This is Antarctica at its unpredictable best – from a stunning no wind day on Thursday to 40+ knots of wind today. It is unfortunate that we couldn’t run today, but that is the way it is in these conditions. The captain kept on trying to find a safe location but the weather was just too challenging. It is still very rough outside which could impact on tomorrow’s fifth and last stage.

The change in weather conditions also had an unfortunate impact of my health and well-being – back to bad sea sickness for most of the day. It is not a pleasant feeling and I hope to be ok tomorrow if the weather allows for some running. Having lost a full day of running today, tomorrow will most probably a very long day, weather permitting.

Thank you again for all the email and blog messages. Much appreciated.

Finally, please support my fundraising efforts for a Greenpeace Africa solar street lighting project in Diepsloot, and encourage others to do the same –

Until tomorrow.

Best wishes


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