Last Desert Race, Day Three – Danku Island

(first published on the Last Desert website on 6 November 2014)

Greetings from the Plancius

Another stunning day in paradise, but also another tough stage.

Stage 3 was held on Danku Island – a 4km switchback course set against a hill which we had to run for 6 hours. I completed 7 laps and maintained my 17th position overall. It was tough going for most of the stage but at least the snow compacted after a few laps and we could do some running. Still it was hard work and I burned a lot of calories today. It was also our warmest day so far and I could run / walk without my gloves and beanie for most of the day. Struggling to run with the snow goggles over my glasses as both just steam up especially when we go uphill.

We were again close to a big penguin colony and saw an avalanche across the bay during the stage. Incredible site when the ice starts sliding down a mountain and plunges into the ocean.

Following the stage we had an opportunity to go on an ice berg sightseeing trip in the zodiacs. Just amazing to see these mountains of ice from up close. Most have a beautiful blue tint and the water is crystal clear. We again saw many penguins and also a few seals. No whales so far.

Two more stages to go and both will most probably be long in order to complete as many km as possible.

My body is still feeling good and with no blisters or injuries I’m still in good shape.

Thank you for all the email and blog messages. I hope you are seeing some good photos on the race website.

Please continue to support my fundraising campaign for a Greenpeace Africa solar street lighting project in Diepsloot –

All contributions will be much appreciated.

Until tomorrow.

Best wishes


PS. Anroux – die pikkewyne se hallo!!!

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