The London Declaration – A Global Commitment to Eliminating NTDs

47 days to the start of the 2016 Grand to Grand Ultra…

More than one billion people are affected by neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). Eliminating these diseases therefore requires a coordinated and sustained global effort involving a wide range of stakeholders.

On 30 January 2012, representatives from the World Health Organisation (WHO), World Bank, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 13 leading pharmaceutical companies, and the governments of the Unites States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Brazil, Mozambique and Tanzania signed the London Declaration on NTDs, pledging new and extended commitments in support of the “WHO 2020 Roadmap on NTDs” which aims to control or eliminate 10 NTDs by 2020.

The London Declaration signified a turning point in global efforts to control and eliminate the most common NTDs, and is recognised as one of the largest global public health efforts. Amongst other things, pharmaceutical companies have donated more than 5 billion treatments since its launch.

Uniting to Combat Neglected Tropical Diseases (UTCNTDs), the coalition of signatories to the Declaration, releases an annual report highlighting the progress made in eliminating NTDs.


The fourth progress report, titled “Reaching the Unreached”, was released on 4 May 2016. It confirmed that the overall number of people in need of NTD treatment has decreased by 230 million between 2012 and 2014, and a higher percentage of people than ever before are being reached with the services they need. In 2015 alone, pharmaceutical companies donated an estimated 2.4 billion tablets, enough for 1.5 billion treatments to prevent and treat NTDs, an increase of 11.7% from 2014.

The report also highlighted that progress is not being made across all regions or all diseases as coverage is not increasing rapidly enough to reach all targets. Only 20 percent of the nearly 259 million people at risk of schistosomiasis received medication in 2015. This serves as a reminder of the many challenges to be overcome in achieving the ambitious target of eliminating 10 NTDs by 2020.

But significant progress is being made with the London Declaration providing a strategic global framework for guiding and monitoring progress.

The END Fund has also endorsed the London Declaration, thus ensuring alignment of its unique role with the efforts of many other like-minded stakeholders.

I’m using my participation in the Grand to Grand Ultra to raise public awareness about NTDs, highlight the work of the END Fund, and mobilise $10 000 in support of the END Fund’s work in Africa.

I invite you to support my fundraising campaign and encourage others to do the same.

The countdown to the Grand to Grand Ultra continues…


I am dedicating my participation in the Grand to Grand Ultra to the work of the END Fund. Its mission is to control and eliminate the most prevalent neglected diseases among the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people by 2020.

Follow updates on my blog, Facebook, Twitter, fundraising page, and via the END Fund’s various online platforms.

Together, we can END NTDs!


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