Big Red Run 2017 – Stage Five

28 June 2017 - The Long Stage. The Long Stage is the ultimate test of a multi-stage desert race. By now you are already tired after running long distances on consecutive days, and you still have to conquer, both mentally and physically, the longest distance of the race. The Long Stage during the Big Red... Continue Reading →

Big Red Run 2017 – Stage One

24 June 2017. I always try and keep the first day of multi-stage desert race as simple as possible - don’t get injured or blisters, get used to eating and drinking the stuff in your bag, and make it to the finish in one piece. Simply put, settle in and then take it from there.... Continue Reading →

Big Red Run – What to Expect

'G'day mate!' I have arrived in Adelaide following my overnight flight from Johannesburg and a short stopover in Perth. It’s great to be finally in Australia, and with just four days to go before the start of the Big Red Run, I’m both excited and slightly nervous about the challenge that lies ahead. I will... Continue Reading →

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