Fifty-five years later – Africa is woke

by Sungu Oyoo African Liberation Day - the apex organizing moment for the Pan-African movement - is commemorated annually on 25 May to celebrate our determination as the people of Africa to free ourselves from foreign domination and exploitation. This year marked the 55th African Liberation Day since 1963 when representatives of 32 independent African... Continue Reading →

The State of Civil Society in Africa

by David Kode, Advocacy and Campaigns Lead, CIVICUS The introduction of multi-party politics in most African countries in the 1990s led to a blossoming of civil society organisations focusing on different issues affecting the lives of citizens.  However, the growth and development of civil society in most African countries, particularly those who work on issues... Continue Reading →

What does the current South African context ask of NGOs?

by Nomvula Dlamini, Director, Community Development Resource Association (CDRA) In the South African context, any debate or discussion of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) needs to take into consideration that they form a small part of broader civil society. Similar to broader civil society, NGOs have been shaped by various influences – from the roles they have... Continue Reading →

How civil society has strengthened democracy in South Africa

by William Gumede, Executive Chairperson, Democracy Works Foundation South Africa’s civil society organisations have increasingly become the last line of defense fighting on behalf of ordinary citizens against out-of-control corruption, public service delivery failure and abuse of power by elected and public representatives. The collapse of apartheid was a success story of global and local... Continue Reading →

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