Paradigm Initiative – Strengthening digital inclusion and rights in Nigeria and beyond

Paradigm Initiative (PI) is a social enterprise that builds an ICT-enabled support system and advocates digital rights for young people in order to improve their livelihoods. Founded in 2007, PI has worked with government, civil society, private institutions and international organisations, including the United Nations, to set standards in ICT education, telecentre support, ICT applications... Continue Reading →

Public and Private Development Centre – Increasing citizens’ participation in governance processes

The Public and Private Development Centre (PPDC) was established in February 2013 to increase citizens’ participation in governance processes in Nigeria in a way that improves the integrity of public and private sector processes. PPDC’s three main programme areas are Procurement Governance, Nigeria Integrity Film Awards (HomeVida) and Digital Inclusion and Safer Internet (DISI). The... Continue Reading →

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