Africa Desert Running Calendar 2019

Africa is home to three of the world’s largest and most unique deserts – the Sahara, Namib, and Kalahari. Increasingly, these deserts host a wide range of footraces, making Africa the premier international desert running destination. The following list highlights some of the main single and multi-stage desert footraces which will be held during 2019... Continue Reading →

Big Red Run 2017 – Stage Five

28 June 2017 - The Long Stage. The Long Stage is the ultimate test of a multi-stage desert race. By now you are already tired after running long distances on consecutive days, and you still have to conquer, both mentally and physically, the longest distance of the race. The Long Stage during the Big Red... Continue Reading →

Big Red Run 2017 – Stage Four

27 June 2017. Another stage is done. I finished today's 31km in 4h17, joint eighth. Although a shorter stage compared to the previous three days, it was another day of relentless sand and sand dune running. My feet are really tender and not in good shape, but now it is just "vasbyt" to the end.... Continue Reading →

Big Red Run 2017 – Stage Three

26 June 2017. The third stage of the 2017 Big Red Run is done, but it was a tough day at the office. I finished the 42km in 5h28 and eighth overall today. We crossed close to 30 sand dunes and combined with running through open veld my feet and legs took a hammering today.... Continue Reading →

Big Red Run 2017 – Stage Two

25 June 2017. The second stage of the 2017 Big Red Run is over. I finished the 42km stage in 4h44, another fifth place. Today was much cooler compared to yesterday, with more runnable sections. However, we finished with a tough 3km sand dune section at the end. My feet and body are still in... Continue Reading →

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