Desert Races

My Desert Races, 2010-2018

I have completed the following desert races since 2010:

250km Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon from 20-26 October 2018 in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa in support of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital.

250km Fire and Ice Ultra from 27 August – 1 September 2018 in Iceland in support of my #NGOs4Africa Campaign.

250km Big Red Run from 24-29 June 2017 in the Simpson Desert in Australia. I used the Big Red Run to raise money which enabled a community in Hammanskraal, north of Pretoria in South Africa, to acquire a number of Hippo Rollers, a unique South African invention which makes it extremely easy for people in remote rural areas to collect and store water.

273km Grand to Grand Ultra from 25 September – 1 October 2016 in the vicinity of the Grand Canyon in the United States in support of the END Fund, an organisation at the forefront of the fight against neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) in Africa.

250km Atacama Crossing from 4-10 October 2015 in the Atacama Desert in Chile in support of The Sunflower Fund’s work with leukemia sufferers in South Africa.

250km Last Desert Race from 4-8 November 2014 in Antarctica in support of Greenpeace Africa.

213km Ultra Africa Race from 14-18 November 2013 in Burkina Faso in support of Bono’s ONE Campaign in Africa.

250km Gobi March from 10-16 June 2012 in the Gobi Desert in China in support of SANGONeT.

220km Namib Desert Challenge from 26-30 March 2012 in the Namib Desert in Namibia in support of SANGONeT.

250km Sahara Race from 2-8 October 2011 in the Sahara Desert in Egypt in support of SANGONeT and other South African NGOs.

250km Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon from 17-23 October 2010 in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa in support of SANGONeT.

Other Challenges Completed

The “Everest Challenge” from 21-22 March 2015 in support of The Sunflower Fund’s ongoing fundraising efforts. This challenge entailed climbing the equivalent height of Mount Everest in 36 hours by ascending and descending the Westcliff Stairs in Johannesburg.

100km Fish River Canyon Ultra on 22 June 2013 in the Fish River Canyon in Namibia.

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