My Next Desert Challenge – Running 250km through Antarctica in Support of Greenpeace Africa

Exactly 200 days from today I will embark on my next desert running challenge – The Last Desert Race, 250km through the snow of Antarctica!


I have completed various multi-stage desert races over the past few years – Kalahari, Sahara, Namib, Gobi and Burkina Faso – using my participation to support the fundraising and awareness-raising efforts of non-profit organisations and social causes.

All these races have one common characteristic – extreme heat, and the many challenges associated with it. Running in Antarctica, in severe weather conditions with gale-force blizzards and temperatures which can reach -20 degrees C, will therefore be a very unique experience, and one with a real purpose.

I am dedicating my participation in The Last Desert Race to the work of Greenpeace, and specifically Greenpeace Africa.

ImageGreenpeace is one of the most influential global campaigning organisations working in support of protecting and conserving the environment. The challenges associated with global climate change, and the need for everyone to take action in this regard, is at the core of its work.

Historical agreements in support of protecting Antarctica from exploration and exploitation highlight the power of international cooperation in support of issues of global concern. Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time, with far reaching implications for millions of people around the world, including Africa, whose livelihoods are affected by severe weather and related conditions. The need for more global awareness, cooperation and urgent action is therefore critical.

Working with the Greenpeace Africa team in Johannesburg, we will use my run in Antarctica, and the next six months leading up to the race, to implement a fundraising campaign in support of Greenpeace Africa and raise awareness about its key priorities and campaigns in Africa.

I invite you to join me on this journey and support the work of Greenpeace Africa.

Follow updates about my preparations for The Last Desert Race, and work with Greenpeace Africa, on Facebook and Twitter, and via Greenpeace Africa’s various online platforms.

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