Atacama Crossing 2015 – Stage Four

7 October 2015

Greetings from Camp 5 at the end of Stage 4

Ryan and I are like Laurel and Hardy, without proper feet, but we are still in it and going strong. We finished the 44km stage in 7h50. It was hot and tough, but we kept going and are still in one piece (just)!

After a challenging first 9km – up and over sand dunes and a few water crossings, we then had to complete the two longest legs of the race so far. The first section was 14km over open plains, and we able to run a few km. This was followed by the biggest test – 13.8km across the infamous salt flats. It was hot as hell, and with the glare from the salt, very challenging.

But we stuck to our plan with either one leading the march, with the other one following closely. We don’t have to say much as both are going through their own pain and mind games, but it has been fantastic to run/walk with Ryan since the start of the race.

I’m still in awe with this place – it is a harsh and tough environment, but the landscape is out of this world, even the salt flats!

Now it is time for dinner – lovely freeze dried sweet and sour lamb – and then off to bed.

Then for the big one tomorrow – Stage 5 / 74km – the long march. We will take it slowly as our feet are badly blistered, but I trust everything will go well.

Thank you for blog comments and emails. Please keep them coming.

Until tomorrow.


PS. Anroux – Pappa het vir jou pragtige wit klip opgetel!

(This blog was first published on the 4Deserts website)

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